Pls read and answer me: let's try FIGHT strong against depression


Sorry for bad english, btw.

Chester’s death shocked us all, it showed us what a friend’s missing can do, what a sin as depression can make us do…

Before and after that tragedy, in this period I’m relating with several friends suffering depression and passing through suicidal thoughts; it’s still happening and I’m afraid.
I want to help them and that’s why I’m posting here hoping for replies: if you ever felt depressed tell me what woulf have you needed to be said or what people next to you were supposed to do to make you feel better; if you ever faced anyone depressed help me cause I’m unable to read all of the sign, unable to understand even my closest friends.
Sometimes talking is not enough, sometimes we need to get closer to them and read through them, some people hide the seeking of help. I don’t know what to do, I’m afraid to fall in depression too…
I don’t want to lose those people cause I’ll surely lose myself too.
thanks for anyone who’ll reply.


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