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Lol- I must confess that I just got with the bunch- for me it’s the same- and since I listen to pt nonstop we can do it today, and tomorrow and Sunday and Monday and Tuesday … :joy: for the next few weeks :heart_eyes:


Lol PT marathon all day, all week :joy:


so pat are having one today too normal time


Yes, i can afford myself today and tomorrow even though on monday i’ve got an exam lol


Guys I won’t be joining tonight, I’m gonna experience the album on my own. Don’t think I can make it tomorrow, but I’ll let you know :wink:


Hope you guys enjoyed dude… and had an amazing blast! :tada::confetti_ball::sparkles::headphones::musical_note::microphone::musical_score:


Oh yes, it was nice, we go on tonight and heeeya buzzy bee :honeybee: how nice you summarize again :heart_eyes:- helps me a lot- keep on being awesome :heart:@Honey8 :kissing_heart:


My dear walker thabk you sooo much! It’s equally amazingggg to come here and meet my sunshinyyyy source of love :sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny: ! Hope you are having amazing weekend my dear :kissing_heart: and my lovely lil :heart:! :heart_eyes:


Just so you guys know me and @GioS are on :wink:


How about a meet tonight?


You guys have kept it Saturday now??


No, Sat was just for the one time.



Plug has decided to break for me tonight, chat is refusing to take any inputs.


that sucks :expressionless:


Well it looks like they’re going through, but they weren’t coming up for me and neither were your replies.


sorry about that it’s this app too


A meet tonight anyone?


I will try if my phone let’s me


I’m free tonight. We’ve forgotten recently about meets. Lol.