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I’ve no idea what tonight will happen but probably I join in too


I popularly can’t tonight because it sucks when I have to do it on my mobile


Can’t tonight guys, but have fun!! :smile: :sun_with_face: :notes: :musical_note:


Just got kicked, won’t let me back in, keeps black screening me. :confused:


Today was just a bad day to have a meet apparently, maybe next Saturday when @acemasters hosts it


Im not host next saturday

Gonna do a few test and then on Friday 20th July I will host, I will try and record the session and put on my tube for those that miss it


I’d appreciate that, can never make it to plugs so a recorded one will be fun to see


Hopefully it’s an active one. Otherwise it’d be pretty boring. Some of us save the chat feed of good ones.


I haven’t been on there for a very long time lol. But do you guy still go there because it would be cool because I want to chill with you all again.


We still have regular Friday meets, but recently we all forgot about them. Lol


Really, wow :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: ok
but if you guys going to do these more again I would love to join again


Well, the usual time is Fri at 19:30 GMT (obviously BST currently).


Ok awesome then.
If you or anybody going to that on Friday then then I’ll be there.


I’ll try to be there.


Saturday is better for me


We’ve been doing the past few meets on Sats. Let’s put it to a poll.

Should regular meets be on Fri or Sat?

  • Fri
  • Sat
  • I’m fine with either

0 voters


Weekends are busy for me. Prefer a Friday, but otherwise I’ll just try whenever a blue moon occurs.


So what’s up tonight? Or tomorrow?

Edit: or both?


Looks like majority vote is for Fri.


Maybe I show up tomorrow anyway lol, maybe we have 2 meets so every one can show up?