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So we have one today… ?! and whoever likes whenever they like…- there was a time when we were on almost every day for a while, remember @the_termin8r?‘

Whenever someone goes on, just set a post here if you like company guys-


Tomorrow I might have time, I’ll let you know if I can be there


I might be late today.


Tonight’s beer is two different beers:


That means you vote for Friday too? And enjoy :beers:- I have still Bitburger Pils

(Pic from last sunday…)


So is tonight’s going on?


I probably won’t be coming on tonight.


I won’t be on tonight either


Ok guys- somehow the meets have a summerbreak I guess - so I will be there now for a while… and next Friday we’ll meet in Aces room then, right?


I will try if my phone will let me



:see_no_evil: was browsing here :joy:


Anyone up for a meet up this Friday? I think it’s a great opportunity to come together again, support each other and celebrate Chester! :slight_smile:


I can only join the plug if I go to the library because my phone won’t let me
So I will have to see


Isn’t Ace’s meet on Fri?


Is it @acemasters? In that case we can start before Ace’s meet or continue after


Or just keep going there…:stuck_out_tongue:


Okay what time do we start or still unknown yet


I have Friday off, maybe I can join!


I have purposely took this friday off to host a listening party and hope you can make it

I am thinking mid afternoon-ish need to speak with the missues to see what works for her as well