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I think I can make it! If your party is mid afternoon-ish, then I’m down for another one in the evening


I’m thinking 3pm - 5pm BST


This London time right

That would be 10 a.m. to 12 my time alright

I will try


Yes london time



I had decided on 7pm - 9pm BST (london time hehe)

That is the final time


So anyone that hasnt seen yet

I am doing a listening party Friday 20th July between 7pm - 9pm British Summer Time

Would love it if people could come along!


2Pm to 4pm here alright

I will try my hardest to be there


I try to be there, even for 30 minutes… I work in the afternoons.


Chester’s last concert was in the UK, so yup:


This is more people than the LPU has seen.


Let’s have a meet tonight under the blood moon sky - 20:00 MEST


I think I’ll be a bit later :slight_smile:


Tonight’s beer, an Italian one:


This one comes in 1l bottles in Italy and it’s a very common one aka it’s great taste icecold- here is mine:

and no worries @rickvanmeijel, we are there a lil longer :blush:


How many cans of the Münchner Hell do you have btw?


I have two still- and they are icecold- and after I talked to @NickGr about icecold beer ( and donkey pee :joy::joy:) rn I feel like opening one just now to get the dusty throat oiled- ya with me @samuel_the_leader? :beers: :heart_eyes:


Just removed the beer from the fridge @theearlywalker


Let’s go then :blush: cheers Sam :beers:


Opening now right? Or have you already opened yours?


Just now