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Oh , just noticed
Sorry guys for not coming tonight - I’ve been too much into a book🙈 that always happens when I start reading something cool


It was only Pat, Sam and I.


Shit I missed it too :sweat_smile: hope you had a good time


Since its Friday there is plug today right


Now it is :blush:, yes - time for music and beer :notes: :beer: :crazy_face:


And me a root beer float :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Wait you guys already left?


no we start in about 10 minutes if you want to join @rickvanmeijel


Oh haha. Great, I’ll be there!

We’re on right now


If y’all wondering, my battery laptop ran out again suddenly


You’re still in the room. lol

@rickvanmeijel and @StephLP18


What a complete douche


Here’s that article. It’s a total joke. This is essentially British police in a nutshell. One big joke. :joy:

@rickvanmeijel and @StephLP18


Pretty much all police ever


How are the meets going? :blush::gift::tada::confetti_ball:


For tonight’s plug:

Wanted to get this brand for 20th July, couldn’t find it then.


Now you only need to say what brand this is lol… I can’t recognize this can…


Sorry better pic:


Ahhh- now … mine is this tonight:

So at 20:00 CEST as usually?