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This will popularly be my last one for awhile


I just plugged in. If anyone feels like hanging out, feel free to join :slight_smile:


it was soo much fun tonight- :joy: thanx guys- I laughed tears


It was a great session. @rickvanmeijel and I even met a fellow troll right at the end. :joy:


Hpw are the meets going!! :blush::hugs:


Great :+1:t2: next is today- same time as usually…


According to Pat there was an update to plug. There are now a few backgrounds you can buy and some of the sub only avatars are available for purchase with PP. I finally got the bot I wanted to buy since I came to plug. Also, DON’T WASTE YOUR PP ON BACKGROUNDS! Just get RCS and you’ll get a bunch more and the ability to use any image you want for free. lol


A bit late, but tonight’s beer:


Finally - cheers Sam :beers:


We were making nifty jokes as always :joy: but I love it, Gatsie and Sam joined us then too and Rob played the “kek-song” - it was sooo kek :joy: @AJ_7 - maybe you join us next time :hugs::sunny:


What the kek! We had such a kekking time, you should’ve been there you would think it was the kek!


Kekking hell, I missed my all time favorite song :joy:


I need to listen to it!! :joy::joy:


Maybe Rob @the_termin8r can link it here?! :joy:


How about no?


Homecoming wine, but nobody’s at plug:


:tada: Enjoy your wine nevertheless and welcome home Sam. :hugs: . for me no plug today since I’m still in the hotel… but I would like to postpone it to Sunday :blush:


I’m getting black screened, been trying for 10 mins now. Guess I won’t be coming on today either.


It’s alright. It’s rather fun with the Amish Paradise and a guy named Rambo at the moment.


How are meets going?! Havu you good crowd?! ,:smiley::smiley: