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I havne’t been on for a coulpe of weeks.


I can’t join on Fridays anymore because of school but I will try when I can


Sam and I are on, join in if you like to guys :tada:


Still getting black screened. I’ll try again later.


Lol Pat keep playing the same song name as me:


There’s a new section in the avatar shop. No badges though.


So, I was just trying all the / commands and I ended up in an undefined room where you can’t do anything. Word of advice, don’t type ‘/room’ into the chat.


/rainbowtime is a command worth typing in. LOL


/intheass is worth a go as well. :joy:



I didn’t open the history when I was there.


Tonight’s beer:

Pat suggests that I should do a post traumatic listening party


Yes - and the background to that suggestion is that you made an incredible great playlist containing live vids from almost every show of the tour- :heart_eyes:… I had the pleasure to already watch and hear it- and it’s really bringing over the spirit and power of the shows… :heart:


We considered to postpone the plug today and announce the listening party for tomorrow… this way more people have the chance to see the post here about it ( although I think a seperate thread to announce it won’t do no harm and reach more people… ) and join us … kinda like the way Ace did it with his memorial listening party… only that it’s a stepping on listening party… post traumatic for sure!


What’s the listening party for?


Since all songs from Sams pl are from the asian and european shows it’s on the one hand a chance to get a vibe of the spirit from the shows which was incredible and second is, if you have been there you’ll feel it again and share your memories with the other guys… what you experienced at your show(s) and over all it’s to have fun and enjoy :blush:


I’ll try and make it if I’m not busy.


Awww- that’s perfect :tada:


Ok it happens tonight- :tada: jump on the PT train and see Mike Shinoda at his best 8pm CEST and 2pm Ohio time - join us and have fun


Can’t be there but have fun!


Thanx Rick :notes::love_you_gesture:t2: have a good time