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Couldn’t wait, we’ve started:


I’ll go asap!! Thanks for tagging me! :smile:


thanx Sam, I really enjoyed the show :heart_eyes:


Same here!! Thank you @samuel_the_leader ! :smile: :heart_eyes: :hugs:


This was the setlist:


I was ill yesterday so didnt come on at all
Damn i missed it :confused::confused:


Damn I missed that. Yesterday I had to study latin, anatomy, genetical biology, math and thermodynamic chem :expressionless:


Get well soon @acemasters :face_with_thermometer: and stay strong Nick @NickGr :muscle:t2::exploding_head::nerd_face:


Pat says I can maybe reprise it next week or so


Get well soon @acemasters !! :hugs: :hugs: :muscle: :sun_with_face:

Stay strong @NickGr !! :hugs: :hugs:

Why not @samuel_the_leader !? It would be cool! :smile:


Anybody up for a meet tonight? :man_dancing:t2: And I agree with @lpfan61- I could watch the show vids again too- depends on if the ppl who missed last weeks listening party can make it today - Sam said he’s joining tonight … I’ll be there at the usual time too :champagne::tada:… let’s have a good time tonight :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I might not be able to make this one.


Still remember the time you called me Mr. S when we still had our cold war :smirk:


TIme to forget about it finally


How about a session tonight? :man_dancing:t2: At the usual time- usual place :notes:


This! :tada:


I might not be able to make it tonight, we’ll see.


Alright Rob - if not tonight than maybe next time :blush:


Me neither :frowning: I hope to join sometime soon! It’s been a while


Next Saturday is the ninth anniversary of Out of Ashes, do we wanna plan for something?