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Is it normal that it keeps kicking me out? It happened the last times… it glitched too my side… :frowning: and where’s Robot boy?


There was something wrong with a few weeks back and that side of the bot wasn’t working so I had to disable it and didn’t get back to fixing it


Ok, take your time! :hugs:


I like the idea of a listening party, and I hope I can finally make it this time!


Anyone up for a meet up tonight?


My wifi is being an arse today, I doubt it can handle plug, but I’ll try.


Wow I missed your post completely @jFar920- the idea was great… … and I can join if my wifi works :crossed_fingers:t2:


There’s a new avatar section on plug called ‘vintage’ , has a L20 unlock.


We’re on! :tada:




It’s funny how it evolves from electro to hip hop to hardcore. The last one is still the best tho


I read “my wife”
Kinda did a spit take :joy:


Anybody up for a meet tonight?


Can’t make it tonight


I don’t know if I can make it, I’ll try.


How about a belated Halloween :ghost: meet tonight? 20:00 CET? Would be nice :man_dancing:t2:


Good idea, I’ll try to be there!


I’m hoping to do one of these for my next mixtape lol. Seems like something different :stuck_out_tongue: , though that will be around February-ish 2019 xD


I’ll try and make it today.

That’d be cool.


You plan a listening party?! :tada: