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Count me in!! :grin:

Tonight I can’t…Have fun guys!


Yes, once it’s all said and done I will have a few peeps listen to it as a whole, to see if there are any issues with the songs, etc. @rickvanmeijel , you are one of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Planning to do this all by February 2nd. If you guys figure out what’s symbolic about it, I’ll post lyrics to another song I finished writing :stuck_out_tongue:


Good going Will @Woco21 - keep us updated :blush:


Excited to help you!


:scream: :thinking: :thinking: :exploding_head:

02-02-2019 = 2+2+2+1+9= 16 :thinking: ummm…no…not right… :confused:

:bulb: It’s the day 33 of the whole year!!!??


Yess this is it I think! You’re good with numerology btw


Thank you!! This time it was like a lightening… while I was writing I thought of it… :blush:


You are correct, I think you know me too well xD. Check my thread in a bit :stuck_out_tongue:


:blush: :hugs:


Pat asks if we are having plug tonight. (Sry didn’t manage to attend last week’s one)


I’ll try, can’t make any promises.


And again :tada::tada: we plug tonight :notes: 20:00 MET


Will try if Phone lets me


Cya next time. (Plug meets seem to be more on Saturdays nowadays)


Shall we plan a meet for next Saturday?


Yes, that would be cool, :blush:


Alright- tonight 8pm CET - sort your pl’s guys :notes:


I’ll try and make it.


Damn can’t make it tonight. Have fun :slight_smile:


I probably could do one tonight