PlugAir questions



Does anyone use PlugAir yet?
I wanted to install on a new phone, but something does not work. And after I install app from Google Play, the name of this app is MuPDF, not PlugAir… I try on another phone and it’s the same. A bit strange.

Also I see that PlugAir and Beatrobo fanpage has not been active for 2 - 4 years.

Any info about this app? Is it safe to use?


I didn’t know it still existed…actually sounds like it isn’t a thing anymore.


The PlugAir for LPU is not in use anymore, and is basically just a collectors item now (if even that). Even if you were to use it and it still worked, there wasn’t anything exclusive to the PlugAir that didn’t eventually make it onto the actual website. I wouldn’t risk using sketchy looking apps to try to get it to work