Plugs, tunnels, or what have you


Yeah, real nice share, this sleeve, I will make one, on the hurted arm, any ideas how much such a thing [whole arm with shoulder and pieces of the chest in good tattoo-quality???


Depends on lots of things. Design, color or not, how many sessions it’ll be and stuff like that.
Getting a sleeve is a huge deal, requires much more thought than a stand alone tattoo. But, like with every tattoo, you must be 1000% sure you want it cause it’s forever.


yes but me I consider nicer a creepy tattoo or to show my arm skinny, nacked,scarfed etc and so the sleeve wouldd get a funktion, as meant to be, a sleeve. I love to look fwd on saturday to get on research on the intrnet…:sweat_smile:


You can always discuss it with your artist, they know how to make it look exactly how you imagine it. They can help you find designs or even create something together. They’re literally your to-go people in such cases.


I know this is kind of an old conversation, but I was wondering if any of y’all know what size mikes piercings were?


His ear plugs are 9/16 (14mm).
At least, he tweeted this information in 2009.