Poetry For The Mind & Soul


When you got lost in your own hell…

Thought words are lost with me forever,
The blackness I have felt made me numb.
Guiding me to stand on my own two feet,
Made me realize you never left by my side.

Making me find my words again to write,
Always my muse to inspire me to grow.
This made me whole again to be creative
And be free in loving life again with you.

The reason my world would stop, if you go.
Giving up on the feelings of writing again,
The one who guides me to get back up,
Thought lost hope on dreams coming true

Scared of life without my poetry writing
And have the freedom to experiment
Writing again with my words in runes,
At peace now without grudges and hate.

Proving me once again, Angels do exist.
Loving, trusting and forgiving me again,
Giving us a chance to walk side by side
In this darken hallways of life together.