Hi forgive me me if I’m doubling up here in topic, but I couldn’t find a poetry thread.

Anyone interested in sharing poetry for critique? Either something you’ve written yourself, or just a poet you admire…I’m desperately trying to improve my skillz. Anybody on here write?


You wrote this yourself? I am really intrueged by it. Though it does feel unfinished. Like it’s the start of something bigger. Was it?
You should share more. I would love to read more poems/[short]stories you wrote!

I do write books and poems myself. Well poetry I wrote more in the past. But it’s all in my native language so it wouldn’t fit in here.


My favourite poet is Odysseas Elitis.In his poem called “Aksion Esti” he wrote the folowing:
"Now the hand of Death is the one that gives life
and sleep is no more.
The noon bell rings and slowly in burning stones words are carved:
BEFORE and FOREVER and THIS IS THE WORTHY(that is the meaning of Aksion Esti)
Before and forever the birds sing
The price is worthy"
Now I understand that it propably doesn’t make much since in English…For those of you who would like to chck it out it has been translated in 15 languages and its also a music play with music by Mikis Theodorakis.
The poem was released in 1970 and was forbiden due to the dictatorship in Greece at that time as “a work of threat against the consitute”(yeap! laugh all you want that’s what they said!!!)It is divided in 3 parts “The genesis” “The passions” “Glorification”.Parts of each part is what Theodorakis put music in and in 1977 a after the dictatorship fall a great concert at LecabittusTheater took place Ever since it has become the most lovable play not as a communistic work but as a clearly patriotic and genuanly Greek artifact. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrXeUIeShYk