Poems help me tame emotions I crushed with time: it’s a part of my healing in a way. This section could be a place were we can share our poetry.:slight_smile:


Hi I am new here but I have a poem I wrote about LP and would love to post it somewhere where everyone can see it. Should I post here?
Thanks in advance


You can post it here, it will show up on everyone’s “latest” threads or you could post it on another thread under “we love you Chester” or simply a new thread itself :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you for trying to find a similar post, wherever it goes be sure most of us will see it though :slightly_smiling_face:

   Dark Thoughts

Can‘t shake these Thoughts,
they‘re always there,
somewhere deep in my head.

They won‘t let me sleep,
they don‘t let me be,
always make me think…

Don’t have the power to controle them,
its like I‘m standing beside me, powerless,
like a weak Shadow of myself.

All alone I cry myself to sleep,
and wish that a didn‘t have to breath.
But my lungs they won’t stop work,
and my heart it won‘t stop beat.

And the dark Thoughts are still killing me.


The title fits perfectly with the poem… nicely written…but…if you feel alone come join us in the game center…even for few minutes it surely will make you laugh a bit… stay strong! :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: :muscle: :smile:


It’s a beautiful but so sad poem. Please stay strong. I know writing helps and I hope one day you’ll feel much more better.


Thanks, Its a poem Wrote a few weeks ago but lately I fell like that all the time and its so hard sometimes to see the point of everything. But I try to fight every day. Day by day right?
And yea I did visit the game center and you were right , it was a nice distraction🙂


Thank You. But lately all I feel is exactly like in my poem…I don‘t know what happend, I was a happy person once, and over the time, its like a switch has been turned off and I am this dark person who doesnt see the point of living. Its like I am only existing and thats it. Then I feel like hey, its not that bad, sun is shining the life can be so beautiful…and like 30 minute later, everything went dark again. Like a big dark wave thats keeping me under itself and lets me see the light only for a moment a then pulls me down again. Its just so hard to fight every single day.


I feel you. I’m in the same situation and it makes me really angry. That’s why I really hope the poetry will help us both to go through this with dignity.


I know exactly what you’re going through…

Poems helped me express my deepest wounds, helped me letting go of my past and everything I did or didn’t do. Each time I wrote, I burned the sheet in a fire to let it go. Like cleaning my inside to be free and totally present.

I am filled with compassion and understanding for your words, deeply recognize your pain and encourage you to welcome these words and the work you’re doing to be totally yourself.

Infinite Love to you xxx


A wonderful poem it spack to me some how I know how it feels



Im gonna post one… called the dryer conspiracy
Feedback welcomed

My rocking chair lives under the house
Facing south
I got a beautiful find off gumtree
The freebies section
A wonderful swivel rocking chair
That just needs some TLC in the upholstery department
I plan to fix it someday
When I have the money
But for now
It’s my favourite chair
For sipping coffee
At the inceasingly random points of day
When i need some rest
To observe the world
A space
To recover from the voices of mmy housemates
And my head
When I’m just too disabled to do my dishes
I sip
I think
I whish
I wasn’t me
I wait
For pain to subside
For energy
For simple pleasures
For monotony
Because everything is chaos upstairs
When I finish this coffee
I may be disconnected
But i value observancy
And each time I sit here
I look at the neibours yards
And cannot help but see
The backyards adjoining mine
Two apartment blocks
Belonging to housing
Mirror images of each other
Orange brick
As was the style in the 80’s
decorated with multicolored fairy lights
Wound around the metal railing since christmas
The other
Slightly updated from the classic housing commision look with a bastard yellow render
As was the style in the 90’s
They must have chosen the colour when the jackaranda was in bloom
For it is the only time of the year that makes the colour look forgiving

There are men and women of many heritages
Occupying the disso housing
Beyond my fence
I have at many points been jealous of that housing
My rent is higher in private rentals
While I am waiting on the list for housing of my own
Thier houses are sealed from the elements
Mine is not entirely
It is a beautiful house with a lot of history
But when it rains alot
It leaks
More spiders and geckos shit on my posters than I can keep onn top of
Because there are holes to the outside
My hills hoist is bent
The neibours hills hoists are not
Ours is not worth replacing
Becasue someday soon
Someone will buy this block of land
Bulldoze my house and
Build an apartmment block just like the one I am looking at now

For the better part of two years
I have been rocking in this chair
Unable to be impervious
To the goings on
Of next door
The rotary clotheslines of the neibours
Filling up and dissapearing of clothes every few days
By everybody who doesnt have a penis
Except for the asian man who is almos always rocking an Iron Maiden t shirt
And the man employe by care services
He does it becasue he is paid to
Why is it always the women
Plenty of men live there
But I have never seen the men do thier washing
Even though
Everybody is as disabled as each other
In that apartment complex
I don’t want to presume it’s sexism
But all I know is what I see
So what i have figured out is
There is a dryer conspiracy
These fellas must have a secret card
That allows them to have access to the worlds finest dryers
On the lowest of incomes
Ensuring they don’t have to go outside
To let anybody know they are whipped enough
To have to do thier own washing
I went to the good guys
Harvey Norman
Enquired about this mystical card; but
They just laughed at me; but
Untill you prove me otherwise
I know
There is a dryer conspiracy