Points items


I saw the store was updated with the new items of LPU12 but there’re still some items which are there with the description “out of stock”, specially many of the points items. So, what would be the benefit of the points if there less possibilities to use them because many of those items are out of stock?

This is just a suggestion. I think it would be good for us to know what we can buy now with our points.


Yeah even I saw it the other day ! They should keep updating the stuffs from time to time. I don’t know how things like this work in the background within their administration but for fans atleast like LPU members these things should be made available.


Items will infact be updated once we get a restock!


Ok. Hope it will be soon!
Will new items be part of those points items? [mrgreen]


I know the posters have been out of stock for 6 months now. And that, because I ordered one 6 months ago and I still haven’t got it. Hopefully they’ll restock or else add new items to the store.


I just see that there’s only in stock items now (at least).
Thanks for this consideration!