how did all you guys get so many points???


You can get points from any of the following:
Signing Up: 1 point
Being a Member for 5 Days: 50 points
Being a Member for a Month: 100 points
Being a Member for a Year: 500 points
Having 5 Friends: 50 points
Having 15 Friends: 100 points
Having 50 Friends: 500 points

You can also get one point each time you comment on a someone’s blogs or page

  1. Make friends.
  2. Stay longer.
  3. For being social i.e. commenting on blogs and profile (1 point for being social).
  4. Post a topic in your blog (10 points for each post).


ok thank u


I miss my old LPU post count, not so in love with these “points.”


Glad I saw this, haven’t found anything else on how to get points! Thanks!