Pokemon Go Thread


This thread is long overdue maybe but what the heck I have a day off tomorrow and am bored so I might as well just make random topics here, right?


Who wants to be a Pokemon Master? I casually play the Pokemon Go app. I think I played the old Pokemon Yellow/Blue/Green/Red more fanatically back in yesteryear.

Just heard on the news that here in my country, the police are going to “release Pokemon” in certain calm areas to attract Pokemon Go Masters, preventing theft and robbery by people who are out to catch other stuff…

So uhm… What do you like about the Pokemon Go App?


I hate pokemon but I do remember as a kid in Bulgaria I (I say I, I mean my mum) used to buy these croissants with a pokemon sticker in each pack and there was like a large book/board thing to fill up, I nearly got all of them. Mind you I had no idea what any of them did/ meant. I still only know Pikachu (sp?).


I’m not sure how they are going to accomplish that. I don’t think that’s something someone can just do


I don’t play this specific game, but as a kid my brother and I used to collect them and we got a whole bunch of the cards. We combined our collection so that we only needed one of each pokemon. It was easier to collect that way


Wow, @AJ7 you actually got along with your sibling? My sister and I are constantly at each other’s necks :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, we fought sometimes like normal, but yeah, overall we did get along for the most part. Since we grew older we got along better


Of course they can. They can just put Lures on specific areas to attract more Pokemon. That’s how some bar owners these days lure people to their bar.

“Catch a Pokemon and get a free coffee”.


My first game was Yellow Version :stuck_out_tongue:
my kids have the latest version and sometimes I catch Pokemon for them (mom still best trainer !!!) but blah! it’s not really the same ! :sweat:
pokemon go : I did not install, perhaps later, but even not really want to play it


What I like the most is the fact that you have to get out and socialize for this game. It is amazing to me how all these people just get together in certain spots and play together.
I’ve read some pretty cool stories about little kids mostly, but grown ups too, that are either special needs or have issues with socializing and making friends who met people because of this game and weren’t looked at funny or rejected.

I’ve been playing since I was 5 or so, collected cards, little figurines etc. This app just blew my mind, technology and fun wise. I’m one of those people that play all the time, everywhere.


it takes a game to be social?
and even you can meet people without a smartphone in hand


That’s my main beef with this game. All it is is testament to how socially messed up we’ve become as a race. What does it mean when we NEED technology to go out and make friends or have fun?


Just remember that it is NOT easy for some people to just go out and talk to people.

I still am afraid to talk on the phone with my best friend, I can’t describe to you how hard it is to do so with a stranger, let alone face to face. So yes, my smartphone does the talking for me, and this game has made me talk to people more.


That’s completely understandable, but as you said, it’s some people, not the vast majority of people.


u have identified the problem, but it lies in your solution
you meet people, you talk with them but so ephemeral at the end, it remains just the phone


personally I’m quite shy, but I like being with people and sometimes you have to take upon itself to world meeting


I wish it was as easy as you guys think it is but it’s not.
I do wanna mention though that whenever I go out with friends to hang out, we don’t play Pokemon. If we want to play, we’ll do so when walking to/from the place we’re going, once we sit down, phones are off.

Back to the actual app, I’m excited to see the sightings/nearby update. It’d be cool to know near which pokestop the Pokemon in the map are.


Some people just can’t physically interact with others, especially without motive like having something in common or something to talk about. It’s like saying starting interactions with others based off a band T-shirt they have on is wrong because it’s not just going up to someone randomly

Also, while we can’t really discuss it any other way since we all met each other online, I’ve never really understood other people’s need to complain about technology while using technology

Only some people have this method for seeing what’s nearby, unfortunately. I still have the oldish method that has grass near the Pokemon and nothing else


Hypocrisy is always funny.


Yeap, only a few users are beta testing it. I saw a video somewhere the other day demonstrating it and thought it was cool.
I’ve the “sightings” one, the grass is gone though, it doesn’t appear anymore, I just have to walk around in random directions hoping to find the Pokemon.


i dont complain about technology
I’m just saying that a game is a game, we can have fun with others, but that without this type of meeting we do not speak is a bit exaggerate
and the beautiful stories of beautiful meet, that we just read on the net … it is like "one upon a time, a prince charming … … we to read other