Poor responce from LPUHQ team


why is it that countless times I have sent emails to @LPUHQ they say we will be happy to answer any question you might have but they don’t is anyone else having same problem with the LPUHQ team this is why I feel LPU has lost some of its sparkle the last few moths so disappointing to see how bad it is getting


eagerly a waiting for your respone @LPUHQ but not holding out hope of a response


This may be a dumb question, but you’re sure you have the correct email, right? Between ground(ctrl) support (and now technically Wonderful Union support), possible Discourse support, and switching the site from LPUnderground.com to LinkinPark.com, I feel like it might be easily possible that the email address may have been mistaken.

Only other thing I can think of is they are busy with LPU15, which could possibly come out earlier than usual like LPUX since it’s a more important anniversary, or your question is something of common knowledge, because I think I always get a response whenever I email them


@TripleXero yes I have the correct email because @LPUHQ sent it me and get no response from here or on twitter this is why I am asking if other people are having no response from the LPUHQ team and no response on twitter no my question is not common knowledge


Depends what you ask them. Their job is to reply when you have issues with the site or questions about the memberships and all that. Everything else is not really their jurisdiction.
Also, I believe Lorenzo is still in Italy and said he won’t be answering anything on his Twitter for a while. As for Lulu and Jess, they could just be super busy like @TripleXero said.


I think there really busy. They have jobs and a life.
Maybe we can help you?


@EvoOba Well in the past I had responces so if they asked me to send the email again which I did as they asked me to why has it gone un answersed ??? and don’t see to busy on twitter as changed photos on the accounts the last few days


@MissBambi thank you but they did ask me to send them the email again and that they would responed but thank you :slight_smile:


I don’t know. They’re probably just super busy with LPU 15 and a bunch of other projects. Just give them time, they’ll get back to you eventually.


@EvoOba been waiting over 6 months now and they did ask me to send it again and Lorenzo Errico dose not get back to anyone as I have read other peoples post saying had no response from him and if there super busy get more people I mean its not like they cant afford extra staff


Sorry about that. Dunno why they’re not replying back, they always got back at me (sooner or later) when I needed help with some issues. Maybe it’s something you can figure out on your own? Or is somewhere in the conduct or something?


@EvoOba nope they said would reply if sent the email again so let them sort it after all it is there job and what they get paid for just a shame there getting poor at running the LPU


Have you tried asking them directly on Twitter? Try WonderfulUnion too if you haven’t, they might be able to help you.


@EvoOba did I not say this in another post already yes I did ask on twitter


I meant Lulu too, not just Lorenzo. Anyways, try WU too. Hope they reply.


@EvoOba tried they don’t reply


Hey Chris, I have answered your questions here in the Forum, on Twitter, and LPU HQ e-mail. Thank you for your patience.



@Chris_Styles the goal in the last second, so we can write on together? Your posting here are important, ya see!


@The_early_walker yes if people will allow me to have my own opinion


@chris_styles…do it on your own, it´s the easiest way to get a permission, IT´S YOU WHO COUNTS AND DECIDES!!!