Possible way to resell ticket? Please help!


Hey, not sure how to get in touch with you. But you were the first one to post about buying the ticket. I’m not on here a whole lot so I’m not sure how to privately message but my email is jenferro2011@gmail.com if you want to get in touch with me.


Hi, if you haven’t already sold your tickets I am very interested. I need only one and that is for my brother. He has been an LP fan since he was young and he is now 22. All I want is for him to be able to finally see them for once. I’ll pay almost anything for just one.


Thank you! I forwarded your message and email to my American friend. Btw if you’re searching for someone to buy the ticket, on the FB official event there’re lot of people seeking it :slight_smile:


i have a set of tickets for sale. they are print at home tickets. so as long as you have the printed out ticket you are good. email me if you would like to buy them. sprinter1130@yahoo.com


I need the name of your friend so I know who to respond to


Can you ask your friend if he still has his ticket?


Ticketmaster told me that tickets can be re-sold via their sister site “ticketsnow.com”. I looked and sure enough, there are tickets for sale on there, but for about $200 each


Thanks for the info! Going to check it out.


I just texted him. Your 4 am text got forgotten about because I was half asleep lol


Did anyone find a way to re-sell the credit card tix? This is my 3rd show with this system and I don’t see an easy way around it. For the Green Day show, I bought them for my kids, so I gave my son the card and and ID. There were scalpers, but they actually go to the front with you, get the ticket at the window, hand it to you, then skip out to the next in line. both options are a pain in the ass.
Also, did not know you cannot get a hotel in CA without ID, so I spent the night in my car the night of the GD show. Good thing the kids loved it.


LP Family I’m selling 1 e-ticket (J2) + 1 place at Airbnb (from 26th to 31st Oct) at Hollywood.

We’re a group of 7 and we’re searching the last one to join our crew (the house is max 8 ppl). We’re 6 Italians (3 gals, 3 guys) + 1 German gal.


Get in touch via six182@gmail.com for price details & #MakeChesterProud


Are you still looking for a ticket? Email me at jenferro2011@gmail.com


As long as they’re print at home you don’t need to worry about the id/credit card right? It doesn’t say anything on the site about bringing either and I did the print at home option.


No I was able to get 2 single tickets from ticketmaster. @hybridxlove


Still need a ticket


No, my situation has been resoloved. Thanks to everyone for your help!


I think I’ve got a ticket to sell. Fiance can’t go now.


Hi I have a single ticket available! It’s SEC F2 Row 15. Please email me at malik113@mail.chapman.edu if you’re interested. Thanks!