Post Samurai : The resurrection



Did you draw that it looks great :relaxed:


Yup! I did draw that, & thanks


Wow, nice one ! reminds me of the Samurai Jack (btw, there will be a new season in 2017! Adult Swim now, so it might be bloody)


Yeah, I saw the sneak peak. It was so damn amazing and man jack look so freaking badass.


Official trailer is out now, afaik. But… guns?


It’s future…!!! There’ll be more amazing stuffs than guns.


Cool drawing I love it :blush:


i know, i know))) just… Jack is a master of a sword fighting, isn’t he?
No problem, if guns will be just a part of it and it might be amazing… but it’s so unusual ( can’t say that i don’t like it though)


Thanks !!!