Post Traumatic Listening Party - Madrid


Hi, everyone!

Anyone who entered the contest for Madrid? Suerte, compañeros :slight_smile:


Yesterday I was at the Listening Party in Madrid.

We were 9. A young woman from the Warner Music Spain staff, Lucía, was with us and spoke with us about every song we were listening. She seemed like one more fan, it was easy to talk to her. So we said a couple of things about every song.

Personally, I loved the album. It’s emotional, sincere, pure, raw… And it has a wide variety of sounds and Mike expressing himself in every way he can. It’s such a journey through his grief and feelings since last July, when all of this started. And I’ve loved the collaborations with K.Flay (I’m a big fan of hers) and Chino Moreno/Machine Gun Kelly.

Goosebumps all the time, that’s for sure.

I can’t wait to hear it again, this time in order, from the track 1 to the track 16 :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for this opportunity, Mike, LPU and Warner Music.


Awesome! I’m curious to listen next week :slight_smile:


Omg! I lost it!!! I’m from Madrid and I didn’t know the listening party was yesterday… I’m the worst person in the world lol


Oh no! :sob: Perhaps he’ll play a show there soon