Post Traumatic Lyrics - Handlettering


Hey guys,

I just wanted to share some lyrics that I handlettered.


:crazy_face: you embarass my own handwriting :confounded:
thats great!


Totally love it :heart_eyes:


Looks like printed :blush: amazing :clap:t2:


Just wow! That’s beautiful!


That’s awesome, very pretty.


Ha, my actual handwriting is totally different from this!


Another one for today.


Did you learn by trial and error then? Or is it a magic pen :grin::sweat_smile:


I took a class on modern calligraphy and didn’t really like the ink and nib style, so I decided to go a different route and found this style a lot easier to work with. Definitely a lot of trial and error. I wish there was a magic pen :weary: