Post Traumatic Meet and Greet


So there is no more meet and greet with the LPU membership for Mike’s tour?Have to pay hundreds of dollars for the VIP package?Too bad, not sure about this LPU membership anymore, if I should renew?


There is still time for them to announce an LPU meet and greet. He doesn’t start the tour until 10/10.


It’s an opportunity through the contests not an assured thing


I know it use to be a contest, but there aren’t any up. Show is in 11 days, so have a feeling it’s not going to happen.


They do it just before, don’t worry about it, I’d worry about them changing that maybe like a week before
They have a few days open to submit entrance then they announce winners like two days in advance
There isn’t much waiting around once it starts
At least that’s what it was like for the Europe and Asia ones as far as we’ve seen and I’m almost certain they all had these m&g


I’m keeping my fingers crossed they have LPU M&G contests. The VIP Packages sold out way too fast before I could get one


The M&G contests are now open for his tour! Just entered for Dallas :crossed_fingers::pray:


Entered for Boston! :pray::crossed_fingers:


Good luck guys!


Best of luck! :grin:


How do you enter for the Meet and Greet?


Go to the contest portion of the main page from where you login before you enter forums


Do you have to be a paid member of LPU to enter? I went to go to enter, but says I’m not “in an appropriate tier to enter.”


Yes, you have to be a paid member.


Took care of that problem so that I could enter :slight_smile: So excited!! Good luck everyone!


Ya, i entered for the Toronto one. I would love to get a meet and greet since I can’t afford it lol!
Good luck to anyone who entered.
You can always renew for an online only account, which is a really good price.


Did it allow you?
I’ve seen instances where it tells you you have to be a full member before a certain date


Just entered for Orlando!!! Fingers crossed


Entered for Silver Spring! Good luck everyone!


Good luck, guys! Fingers crossed for me in Cincinnati!