Post Traumatic Meet and Greet


Good luck everyone! I entered for the 10/13 show , so excited for everyone :smiley:


Thanks! I’ve entered for Maryland.


I entered for the Tampa show.


I entered the Las Vegas show, hopefully we all get the opportunity to meet Mike. Either way, good luck everyone!!!


Me too! Good luck!


Did I miss out the contest for Los Angeles on Nov. 2nd? All I see is Nov. 5th Meet & Greet contests and onward. Bummer if I missed it. :expressionless:
Still excited to see the concert though :smiley:


Has anyone heard back from San Diego yet?


Remember to check your junk mail. I was greatly surprised when I arrived at the Las Vegas show but I didn’t check my junk mail. Good luck!!! Mike KILLED IT!!!


One more week, the wait is killing me!!


I’m new to LPU. I meant multiple people in line yesterday that had one a meet and greet.


So anxious to hear about the Silver Spring M&G contest! Best of luck to everyone who entered! Ecstatic for the show next weekend!! (Congrats b_rad14 ! that is so awesome!)


I think it closes out tomorrow, but has anyone heard anything about the Detroit M&G?


I got my email for Detroit today 11/13.


Congratulations everybody! It is an amazing experience :smiley::grin:
Don’t be shy!!!


Seen on IG today that the merch vending machine at Mike’s Boston show had “mystery packages” that came with merch & a chance to win a M&G pass. So if you don’t get an email, there’s still a chance! :v: :v:


How can we get an M&G going for the alt 923 not so silent night show in Brooklyn on Dec 6th? I know he is with a bunch of other artists but Mike’s set is really the only thing Im going for and would love to hang with him again…:sunglasses::metal:


I was wondering the same thing for the sf one :star_struck: maybe they will add the contests closer to the dates
You’re lucky you get mike aaand muse :astonished: