'Post Traumatic' Relief with Mike Shinoda


Hi guys,

Following the show at Gramercy, I wanted to put together my own complete write up. I also attended the meet and greet at Looney Tunes CD in West Babylon, NY and included some other things as well. Two days later, it’s finally finished. I hope you all enjoy it. :slight_smile:

‘Post Traumatic’ Relief with Mike Shinoda



Dude…Great post. I’m envious on a lot of levels. Glad you got to experience this along with others that feel the same way about Mike, Linkin Park, and the history of the music.


That’s a really nice article… I appreciated your story… :heart: nice you enjoyed the show, the meet and your new friends! :smile: :sun_with_face:


Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I wish I could of gone to these events. I just couldn’t make them work.


Beautifully written! The way you described it I felt like I was there! and it is so true, there is something about LP fans that binds us in a friendship. Lots of great friends I have made and still making on these forums! I guess this all is Chester’s and LP’s Legacy.


Thanks for sharing! :smiley:The show sounded GREAT judging by the videos! :heart_eyes: I wish I could have been there too! Mike was on fire and I love how loud and into it the crowd was too! And the crowdsurfing…WOW! :+1::heart_eyes:

Can someone let me in on the inside joke about the Brazil thing though? I didnt get it? :joy:


Years ago, like as far as I can remember when we had a chat room, I came in around LPU6 and every now and then we had scheduled band chats. There would be a few hundred fans from Brazil that would constantly spam the chat with “Come to Brazil!” So it became a inside joke that, that phrase became a normal thing. No matter what it was, the chat, forums, shows, “Come to Brazil!” was inevitable.

In fact, even at our Citi Field vigil we had fans from all over the world that just happened to be in the city, one was from Brazil. It was the best.



@schenthegenius :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: That’s so funny!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: