Post Traumatic show #5: 92.3 NSSN at The Barclays Center


Finally, the year has come to an end but not without ending on a high note! Last Thursday I attended the Alt 92.3 Not So Silent Night show at the Barclays Center to see Mike (amongst other artists which included Muse, Death Cab for Cutie, Florance and the Machine, AJR and more.) This was my first time at the Barclays, I previously had tickets to the Linkin Park show that was scheduled to take place there in January of 2015.

My second Linkin Park show ever (and most memorable) took place in 2008 at Madison Square Garden, so a little more than a decade later here I was bracing the harsh cold with friends to see Mike again somewhere in New York. Good memories but I’m not eighteen anymore and my bones were feeling it sitting there on the ground outside the venue! Regardless, you can’t replace good memories of hot cocoa and sing alongs with wind and freezing temperatures.

Six o’ clock came around and we finally made it in the doors in a mad scramble for wristbands and the barricade. I was on the floor with friends while others were scattered through out the arena. Some other bands fans were overheard earlier in the day not knowing who Mike was, but I’m pretty sure everyone knew the words to ‘In The End’. A 30 minute set doesn’t allow for a full show like most of the shows on the Post Traumatic tour, but enough to play some of the best of the LP/FM/Shinoda catalog that mostly everyone was either familiar with or something new for those who may not have know who Mike was but it was good set. I noticed early on, especially in AJR’s set, the venue audio especially the bass was absolutely soul crushing. Me being half deaf as I am, was gutted I couldn’t experience the full sound of AJR and Chvrches because the venue audio was crap. I think Mike noticed some issues halfway through his set. They were great at the Radio 104.5 Birthday Show in Camden and hopefully I get to see them again.

Anyway, I didn’t stay for the full show, I did catch a few songs by Florence and the Machine before I left and they are everything I thought they would be. Very poetic, fluid and mythical sounding music that really get the crowd over. During Foster the People’s set I had ran up to grab the sweet Shinoda holiday tee, ran into Mark and Dylan of LPLive, Shirley, Gypsie and many of the 7.28 Citi Field family. It was a great night and I’m looking forward to more shows in 2019. For those of you overseas that will be seeing Mike in March, enjoy every second of it. Say hello to Dan, Matthias, Jim, Ed, Trish, Ana and the crew too when they arrive! You guys are going to have a great time!