Post Traumatic Tour Merch


Does anyone know if there is any merch at the shows that isn’t offered on the online shop? Trying to gauge how much cash to bring. :smiley:


There is a tour shirt that is not part of the online shop. In addition to this, there is a merch roadie (vending machine) that has a few items like a bandana that you can’t find on the online store. Go to the Roadie first, it will most likely sell out. Mike has also had a few shirts that he custom made for those shows but I think that was a special occasion only. Enjoy it! Once it starts…it’s over all too quickly!


Aye, also, if you arrive at the venue early, it’s most likely already out somewhere in the lobby and you can make your purchases long before if security allows you, I was there in the early afternoon (3:30) and it was out already and running
After the show if there’s even stuff left, there’s a looong line trying to get to it
They had one of the hats , the cd, Boris socks and the bandana

Hats were 30
Tote bag was 25
Shirts were 40
Zip up hoodie 60
Jacket was 120 I think :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Socks $20
Vinyl $30
Pin $10

That gives you an idea on the pricing