Post traumatic tour sg & myself


Alright guys!!! LPU is such a wonderful organisation where everyone treats everyone just like family. Attending Mike’s Post traumatic tour in Singapore has brought me to know more LPU Members from various parts of Asia. This is how we are different from other bands I guess. Linkin Park and their fans all care for each other regardless from where they (we) are from. I am happy to be an LPU member.

Currently I am back at work replying tones of emails and doing tones of other stuff and all I can think of is… “WOW!!! We had fun at the show on Wednesday!” Yup. Mike was in Singapore and that is where I made loads of new friends and also …well… I did not meet Mike in the meet and greet but I got to meet Lorenzo and I finally got to THANK him for doing everything that he has been doing. Keep up the good work Lorenzo!

Seriously, LPU keeps good relationships amongst the fans and the band. So … Mike, Phoenix, Brad, Joe and Rob… Yes! Linkin Park… When you are ready, do have a Full World Tour and please please pretty please try add Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in your list again. So that I too can play host to some amazing friends in LPU whom I have met during Mike’s tour in Singapore.

Thank you and God Bless!!!


good to meet u there lorna, do add me up on fb yo, " hbk yang yang "


Glad you had so much fun :heart:


Hey There!

How are you? Sorry I didn’t check on this earlier or hung out after the show. I’m in Boston, MA now. Will add you in fb soon. This Jetlag is keeping me wide awake as ever… 12 hours is no joke…

Where abouts are you?

Keep in touch!


Hi Marilau,

I did indeed. I wished that the show was a little longer though. The cure for my pain. Nevertheless, Mike did have a good set list and the show was very…to me emotional and uplifting at the same time. It is kind of hard to explain but, you will get it.

Hope you are having a wonderful week. Where are you from by the way?


@LornaPF Yeah I get it, it has been a unique experience to see him smile and sing, I will never forget it :heart:

I am from Naples, what about you?


Hi @Marilau, I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia… I sure do hope that Linkin Park will continue the legacy and have a world tour soon.