Post Traumatic Tour VIP Packages


Can anyone find a link that lists how much VIP tickets are and what’s included in them? I can’t find this anywhere!

VIP Tickets - Stroudsburg, PA

I got an email


There’s no info on prices yet or anything
I’m in the same boat hoping it’s not too bad :sweat_smile:
We’ll see tomorrow


Hey, I mean do you know what is actually offered in the VIP package? I can’t see what’s offered…what are the perks ?


I saw on Twitter there will be two. The highest is $300 then $125.


I saw this on FB, hopefully its what you are looking for


Worth every penny.


Any chance you saw what the $125 might have?


Wow…thank you for this! Crazy all of this for only $300…seems like a no-brainer.


@LP13413 these are the packages


Bagh, 300 or nothing :stuck_out_tongue::sweat_smile:
It’s night and day between the two :sweat_smile:


Yeah, it is


Do you need an LPU membership in order to purchase a VIP pass as part of the presale?


Thank you for sharing!


Thank you, also, for sharing details!