Post Your Indaba Music LOST IN THE ECHO Remix Entries Here


Hey LPUers! Since many of you have likely entered the Indaba Music LOST IN THE ECHO contest, I thought I’d create a thread for us all to feature our remixes and hopefully give eachother votes :). Hopefully the moderators here don’t mind, but I believe this would be a great way for some lesser ranked people to get their names out and for the fans to hear some really good music!

I’ll start off with mine:

And here is a link to vote for it:

Any votes you guys could give would be very highly appreciated. In the meantime, post your entries too. I’d love to hear em!


I don’t really like dubstep nor club music but damn, that was catchy! Good job, Derek, you have my vote.

Feel free to check out my remix:


Hello guys!

Cool to see Derek and zwieR.Z making their mark here!

Visitors, if you have a spare moment, have a listen to my entry. If you enjoy it, a vote is always appreciated!

Michael (m_macdonald)