"posts" lpu profile


Hey guys. I have one question:
Do you know what these «posts» mean? Is the number of blogs created in LPU, forum, blogs + posts…?

this is my stats print, and i guess i have more than 1 post in LPU/Forum, so im confused ahah

thanks! :slight_smile:


i have zero posts. i dont know yet what it is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’ messages you have made or replied
Kui, you should have lots?!?!


yes i have but my profile is showing zero posts :stuck_out_tongue: thankyou :smile:


Just checked my profile in LPU and I have “0” Posts
In this section I have "53"
Obviously seem to separate systems


The forums that we are currently using aren’t the forums that LPU had in the past. The old forums were part of ground(ctrl)'s systems, and the post count came from there, and since those forums don’t exist anymore, the post count won’t go up. I have 280 posts


from where do we get the post count now??


No where. It’s just there for no reason now


:smile: :smile: