Pre-Sale Code


I’m looking for the pre-sale code, which is said to be on the dashboard of my account but I can’t find it.
Can anyone please help me to find a way to have this unique pre sale code ?


You klick account and then it should be at the bottom under external codes.


Are you on the 30 day free trial? If so, I’m not sure you would get the pre-sale code.


I am on the 30 days free trial.
Also, I don’t have any “external code” thing on my account page.
Probably free trial accounts do not have those pre sale codes… Was counting on this to have a ticket…

Anyway, thanks for the help guys


Hi there! I’m having the same problem, and the UKLP14 code doesn’t work for the mailing list tickets either. Is there anything i can do? I can’t afford to be forced into paying the extra £14 for an LPU subscription on top of the £49 ticket price…


Well the Ticket are for sale at Friday. That’s the only way pre-sales are for lpu member’s only