Pre-sale meet & greet info?


Who should I email about information regarding the meet & greet I won through the North American pre-sale thing? I emailed strobe and they basically told me to contact someone thru linkin park’s end…

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I haven’t heard anything either, hopefully we hear soon.


I think their email is


Where you able to get in touch with anyone?


You should get info from LP (Lorenzo or other LPU HQ staff)

This will happen closer to the show I would imagine. If you want contact as jess mention for more assistance.


Emailed them and got a generic answer about tickets which didn’t even answer my question, then told me to email strobe… even though i said I had already emailed them in my message. :confused:


I saw from previous tours (I can’t imagine it being totally different) that they let you know days before the concert
The merchandise also is supposedly handed out on that date
But again that’s from a previous tour (I think it was from carnivores)

I went on an info hunt during the days I was 1 and 2 :pensive: lol


They need to at least clarify that yes you’ve won a meet & greet or whatever but all they’ve ever said was “congrats you’re number two!” Just no info whatsoever would just suck not knowing anything until right when its about to happen…


That’s what I’m worried about too. Especially since I’m driving to an event 2 hours away.


Mine is 10 hours away so, yeah


Oh geez…that’s a long drive. I hope they give us some sort of info to ease our concerns.


so can someone tell me what the meet and greets are about.


Like, what the experience is like?


You get to meet and greet the band before the concert you’re going to
There was a chance to win them during the presale and there’s always a lottery right before each concert as well


Okay but my meet and greet last time was during the opening bands, which sucked so much. Especially since the first opener was Of Mice & Men, one of my favorite bands.


Meet and greets will always be in the opening bands.


That’s super lame. Especially for people with pit tickets.


Hey! We will be contacting winners in the coming days. Stay tuned. Thank you!

OML Verified Fan Presale Concerns

^^Boom! …


deal with pit is you have to be first there to get it to get to your spot and stay there. having a MnG anytime would null that. It’s ez to get close to front at Riverbend though, pit is small