Pre-Sale over?


I just did my membership yesterday but somehow it got messed up so I wasn’t able to access my account until now(I had to call to sort it out). I just went to purchase tickets and it says there are none available through the TM app and isn’t even showing up on the website on my laptop. What’s the deal? :frowning:


I just tried to purchase tickets and the livenation website now says. “This event no longer exists” WTF? Their website must be screwed up.


You need to go to the top right corner and click the settings button then click on the little person for your profile. Then you should see the code on that page. Click the code then pick your concert then you will have to enter that code on the ticketmaster website as well.


No, the Livenation page for Wheatland, Ca & Concord, Ca dates are saying “this event no longer exists” Their website must be screwed up


Yes that’s exactly what it’s saying! It’s been like that since last night. It’s driving me nuts. The Concord one actually falls on my birthday so it’s perfect, I couldn’t have been happier when I found that out. I just want to purchase my ticket already :frowning:

I really hope they fix it soon or at least let us know what is going on!


I’ve already got my presale codes off my dashboard but the event on both Livenation and TM site says it no longer exists! That’s the problem /:


Live nation is now up for Wheatland and Concord concert dates. Just bought pit tickets for wheatland.


Oh thanks so much for the update! So so happy I got my tickets now! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for my birthday to come (: