Pre-sale = shaking hands


Why do I stress myself out for these pre-sales?!?!?! HAHAHAHHA!

My hands always shake about 30 mins prior to the sale starting… as I sit there and refresh the page over and over and over and over.


I’m going to 2 shows. Virgina & Jersey. This will be my 10th & 11th LP show!!! See you all there!

Love the new single- can’t wait to sing with everyone!


UGH I had good seats but gave them up cuz they were double lettered and thought those were worse but turns out they were almost front row.

Settled on these :confused:

Reserved Seat
Section 101, Row D, Seat 9
Section 101, Row D, Seat 10


Sweet! I’ll be at the VA show, 5 rows from the PIT! Can’t freakin’ wait!

Oh, and a new LPU member too!!


I can’t afford to go to concerts a lot so I forgot how stressful presales can be.

Two pit tickets for me and my sister, see you all in Atlanta!


My hands were shaking too!

I’ll be at the Bristow, VA show on August 11th.
Section 103, Row J, Seats 46 & 47!


2 reserved seats very close to the stage in CT…SUUUUPER EXCITEDDD!!!


I’m the exact opposite. I like to wait until the exact time then click on the link. Doing the whole refresh thing made me miss out on GA for the Garden show last year. Either way payed off though. 3 GA tickets!!!


Couldn’t be happier with the way the pre-sale went, scored GA tickets with ease!


Nice! I’m a little worried because I was able to get ONE General Admission ticket and ONE Front row section 100 ticket. Idk what to do about this because I’m going with a buddy. Maybe trade with someone there… idk yet. GA is pit right?


Waiting to get tickets for the Vancouver show. Maybe Calgary… or both!!! I’m coming from Toronto to see them.


I was really worried because I had to buy tickets for my dad and I, plus one for a friend who was at work and couldn’t access their LPU account. I was afraid they’d be sold out as soon as I tried, but luckily I got 3 GA tix and have the email to confirm it.

Cant wait to see you guys there, I’ll be wearing an LPA t-shirt at the show!


3 Pit tix to the Atlanta show. Been looking forward to seeing them live again ever since I saw them in LA last year. This will be my 10th LP concert and they only get better every time.


woke up early to get my GA ticket to the Tinley Park, IL show and now its mine :slight_smile: More than I was hoping to spend but oh well. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see them there in 4 months!!


I just got my tickets for the show at The Woodlands in Tx. I missed them last year due to really bad internet speed,but not this time…very happy man!!!

Section 101, Row V, Seat 14
Section 101, Row V, Seat 15


I get the same way!!! But I always seem to pull it off in the end (no pun intended, lol) got 3 reserved seating tickets to the VA show… This will be my daughters first concert…she’s 7 and LOVES LP, she was absolutely pissed when I went to the Chicago concert without her last year so I had to let her go this time, lol

Section 102, Row F, Seat 34
Section 102, Row F, Seat 35
Section 102, Row F, Seat 36


What seats did you get? I got section 102 row L… I would of loved to be closer but either way I’m very satisfied!


I had tickets and then I was waiting on confirmation from my bro and they went away :[ so sad. But I guess i learned my lesson so I will be on the money tomorrow. I guess as they say, you might not win the battle, but you can always win the war :slight_smile:


can any east coasters tell me if there are stiil good tickets for San Diego? I can’t get to them yet!!! :frowning:

i have two hours to go and my hands are shaking!!


[quote=SusanLong]can any east coasters tell me if there are stiil good tickets for San Diego? I can’t get to them yet!!! :frowning:

i have two hours to go and my hands are shaking!![/quote]

they aren’t on sale until 10 am pst ur time. no option to buy for us atm. so you should be fine :slight_smile:


The Camden, NJ presale sucks