Premium Package / M&G?


Can somebody please explain me the difference between Premium Package and M&G? I’m so confused because there is pictures from both and I thought they are basically the same thing, but I guess I was wrong?

Somebody please light me up here? :smile:


Well, sorry for my English but I think so, Prenium Package si Opportunities, access, presents and more… And Meet and Greet is meet fans (and maybe Linkin Park) before the concert… But I don’t sure… be continued


Meet & Greet: A lottery that gives you a chance to win a meet and greet with Linkin Park. You can only participate if you have a ticket to the show.

Premium Package: a ticket bundle of a certain show which includes a guaranteed meet and greet with Linkin Park.

I think the premium package holders have a seperate meet and greet, so there are different photo albums.