Preordered CDs during presale


Hi guys,

So during the presale ticket contest time, I preordered 3 albums. One physical copy and two digital. Just wondering if anyone who ordered the cd were charged on the credit card already??

Reason I am asking is cuz originally I saw all album charges on my statement. However, today I checked again and saw the physical album was refunded and then charged again. They have not charge for the two digital copies yet. Has anyone else notice anything like this?


It did the same thing on my account but have no clue what the reason is

But at least you know it’s not just happening on your account alone haha


They said that they would charge your credit card to make sure you have the money then would refund you 3-5 days after and would recharge when they were ready to ship, etc…most likely on the 19th when the album drops


Haha good to know it’s not just me. Will they send it on the 19th? Or will they send it before so it arrives close to the 19?


I just noticed that too, now I’m hoping I won’t be negative on my account lol