Preordering Post Traumatic - T-shirt out of stock!


Hi Everyone,

I’m just checking, in case someone had the same issue with me. I pre-ordered the Post Traumatic Bundle (including the artwork book and the t-shirt) on March 29th, the day that the album was announced. In the confirmation e-mail it was stated that shipments would begin on June 15th (album release day). Yesterday I got an e-mail from Warner Music Customer Service saying that the t-shirt was out of stock!

I think this is unacceptable, to say the least. I wanted to make sure I get my bundle, so I placed my order so early. However, this was not enough. I eventually cancelled my order.

Did any of you receive a similar e-mail?




I know they had issues in general cause they emailed a bunch of people about 2 or so weeks ago. Not sure if it was about t-shirts being out of stock but Lorenzo did tell us at an event that the book had to be re-printed and that caused a few delays. Maybe check with him?


Okay, I know it will sound really funny, but who is Lorenzo?


He basically manages the Underground. He’s your to go guy if you have any problems.


Oh I see. I’ve been a big fan for more than 15 years, but just joined LPU recently.

Do you know how can I contact him? Thanks!


Best chance is through Twitter (he’s under @lorenzoerr) or you can email LPUHQ.


Happy to help! shoot me an email: LPUHQ@LPUNDERGROUND.COM

-Lorenzo / LPU HQ


Placed my pre-order for the full package on 29th March as well, I got a dispatch notice on 13th June but nothing ever arrived. Contacted customer service who basically said that they had sent it, courier had lost it (courier said they never received it) and there was nothing that could be done. I raised a complaint and made it clear I wasn’t impressed (the package was ordered as a gift for my son, who despite suffering from crippling anxiety and psychosis was about to complete his first year at College) that they had messed up and all they were prepared to do was provide a refund. Long story short they investigated and eventually came back to say they would send the Art Book but unless I would accept a tee shirt in size small they could only refund that. More back and forth and I said okay refund the tee shirt and I’ll order one from Mike’s new range and as compensation they said okay do that and we’ll give free delivery. Ordered the shirt and sent them the order number only to be told that as this was the US store and not the European one they could not refund the delivery cost, even though they must have known the shirt I was ordering was not on the European site. Now my emails are just being ignored by Warner’s UK customer support. Not impressed with WB at all.