Presale code for OML Donors


Has anyone received a code yet? I donated last night and have not received a code to participate in this presale


I have not seen answers as to what’s going on with oml donors but I would contact lpuhq and get in touch with Lorenzo about it
If you get answers it might be helpful to others if you post your findings here


Haven’t gotten mine yet. 10:30 PST and no code yet. Watching the seats slowly evaporate. Really hoping to see my first and possibly only LP concert in honor of Chester.


I contacted Lorenzo before making this post. I will update with any info I get


Thank you and best of luck
Keep checking other thread in case someone has extra code to use as well


I got the code yesterday but the ticketmaster shows an error after the purchase step and wait time for phone support is like 50 minutes. Atrocious company, why would someone want to sell tickets through them?


I’m sorry to hear that. That is not good news


Still looking to get 1 seat before it sells! I know the exact section and seat number! If anyone would help me out, I can send you the cost of the ticket if you use your code to get it! I only need one! Please family! Help me out!



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