Presale code to Celebrate Life


I am still seeking closure for the loss of Chester and I hope this concert will help with that. If anyone has an extra code they are not going to use, I guarantee it will not go to waste. Thank you for your time. or 832-818-6263

PRE-SALE (Help a member if you cannot make it)

Same here please. I just need 2 tickets. I will buy the code!


I may have two extra tickets, have two codes but not sure if both will work. I can let you know after 12 today


thank you so much. if you need my email again it is

I can email you in case my post gets deleted


Thank you Carlos11


Just emailed you to see if I got the emails right.


I need the code also Carlos


I have two codes but I not sure if both will work. I want to make sure I can get a pair for my self and I can buy another pair and sell them or send the other code over after I buy mine.


Please anyone that can help


Ok, I will buy the other code from you. When are you planning on buying your tickets?


I responded!


At 12 this afternoon


I see you emailed cynthiamarie. Did I just get the run around on my own thread?


Please need a code :slightly_frowning_face: Swear I’m trying to go…just need one ticket please email me at


I hear you, me too.


I emailed you to kylemouch. Did you check your email?


Yes, many times. There is nothing there.


Hi everyone,
I have a group of friends that all want to go, be we don’t have enough codes for tickets. We’ve been at the LA memorial together, at the Vegas memorial together, and we would be so thankful of we could experience this together as well. If anyone doesn’t need their code, please email me!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Maybe check you junk folder, or rewrite your email. I sent it just like you wrote it


HI Carlos. If you still have an extra code, I’ll be glad to compensate you for it. thanks…