Presale / One More Light Fund Question


Hi All,

My wife and I are a bit desperate to get to the Hollywood Bowl show and we were hopeful to get access to the One More Light Fund presales since we donated weeks ago. We haven’t recieved any codes or anything though. Does anyone know what I can do to get that code or have a code they aren’t able to use that are willing to share it with me?

I’ve been a fan for 14+ years and, like many of you, they did a great deal to help me through my teens which included the death of my father. My wife is also a fan and we both love every LP album. Our 1.5yr old son even sings a bunch of LP songs (pretty cute).

If anyone can help with advice or a code, let me know.

PRE-SALE (Help a member if you cannot make it)

I would ask @derek or @jFar920 or @lpuhq1 whether they have any information on it
I did see on ticketmaster that that presage is set for tomorrow which leads me to guess that maybe those codes won’t go out until today
But I wouldn’t go on that info and would try to get a code from someone if possible to be safe
Again they might have info, in just another user


Thank you for the advice. I’d love to get a presale code from someone else if possible, but I also want to respect the process that the band outlined for presales and use my own if I can–I just want to be safe and do my best to get tickets


I’m with you, at the same time I understand how tense it is waiting for a code or an update haha
Best of luck and hope to see you there!


If anyone is able to share their code with me I’d be happy to offer some favor in return (NOT money though, I feel that’d be dishonest in this situation) but if there’s something else I could do to show my appreciation I’d happily help them out.

EDIT: If I get a code shared with me I’d certainly pass along my code if I ever receive one.


Hey- Codes went out. If you were a member before Monday Sept 18th and need
a code email


There’s you answer from hq :slightly_smiling_face:


i didnt get my code i emails and nothing


If you’re an LPU member and joined before Sept 18, email me:


Just sent you an email!


I did not receive a code and been a member since 2014. I sent and email to you also. Thanks.


Looking for a code ! PLEASE


Flying from NB canada to LAX

Let me know if anyone has any codes

Thanks in advance


Guys is the code sharable? May I use a LPU members code even if I’m not? It sounds too much easy to access to pre sales like that


They are unique codes that are only good for 2 tickets each. As soon as the code is used then it’s useless and the tickets purchased are non-transferable.

It’s not like everyone gets emailed a coupon code “Presales2017” or something generic. Certainly not “Too much easy” to dupe the system and even if it was, the intent of this presales system is to allow certain groups of people first access according to their activity level around the band to essentially allow obvious fans to get tickets before Peter California to just get some tickets for something to do on a Friday night.

We all want to respect the system that I’m sure the band approved of, so do your best to get there without being a douche :slight_smile:


Absolutely agree with you. A friend of mine, LPU member, would give me his code because he won’t be able to attend it from Italy. I would love to so so and I’m OK to invest and come to LA from Italy. That’s all :slight_smile: just a fan since 1999.


I sent an email. I got an automated response that says
"For all other LPU related issues, LPU HQ support is available Monday through Friday from 10am PST to 6pm PST for LP Underground and LP Ambassadors related questions only. All other inquiries will be ignored.

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for us to respond to your inquiry."

48 hours will be too late :frowning:


@jFar920 bud, merge


Getting through these emails as fast as we can today. Thank you so much.