Presale PSA


The ship has sailed for everyone in cities where the Carnivores Tour has already opened to the general public, but quick PSA for those of you in cities where the presale is still live:

Presales do not mean that all of the tickets in the venue are released to the segment of fans that is eligible for the presale. Rather, each presage is allotted a specific number of tickets in specific locations at different price points throughout the venue. Added together, all of the presale tickets might total more than what will become available when the show is released to the general public. However, each individual presale has fewer tickets than what will become available when the show is released to the general public. What this means is that your odds of getting a ticket in the section you want are often better if you wait till the public sale.

I’ll give an example to illustrate the point I’m making. Please note: I am TOTALLY making up these numbers. I have no idea how presale tickets for this tour were distributed. For a 20K seat venue, you might have something like this:

LPU presale: 3000 tickets
Mars presale: 3000 tickets
AFI presale: 2000 tickets
Live Nation presale: 2000 tickets
Citicard presale: 4000 tickets
VIP programs, guest lists, etc.: 1500 tickets
Exclusively general public: 4500 tickets

So: 15,500 tickets are allocated to presales, but truthfully, the single largest sale is the general public sale. And importantly, the general public sale will be larger than the 4,500 specified there, because it will also pick up all of the unsold presale tickets (with the exception of the VIP and Citicard/AmEx tickets; those are handled differently). Again, I am TOTALLY making up those numbers, and the allotments will be different for every show, but this is how these sorts of things generally work for pretty much every arena act at pretty much every large arena/amphitheater pretty much anywhere in the U.S. (Unfortunately, I have zero idea how tickets sales work outside the U.S.)

What this means: If you can’t get the tickets you want during presale, you’re generally better off waiting till the general public sale. I can’t make any promises, of course, but in my 2+ decades of aggressive concert attendance, this has been my experience. Two exceptions to this rule:

  • If it’s very likely that a show will sell out very quickly, you’re often best getting whatever you can through whatever means you can. Courtesy of the absurd heights that concert ticket prices have reach these days, I really can’t think of any acts that are selling out arenas in 10 minutes anymore, but if you’re going to a show like that, I wouldn’t recommend getting greedy! If you can get your hands on something, buy it.

  • Every now and then, of course, a band will do something unusual at a venue. However, you usually hear about it if something like this is happening. For example, for LP’s show in Vegas in 2013, the entire pit was sold to LPU. Adam made it very clear to all of us that this was the case.

Good luck to everyone buying tickets in the next few days, and I hope that those of you who have already purchased have had good luck! I’ll see y’all at Camden, Holmdel, Wantagh, and the Hollywood Bowl!