Presale Spot #2


So all day yesterday when I would log into my presale account it told me I was in second place. I was ecstatic, and definitely bragged to my friend. Even took the attached screenshot to show people. Since midnight when I try to log in it tells me that I have no entry. I have reached out to Strobe Labs in every way I know how, and have received no reply. I have no e-mail or code to get tickets. I am beyond frustrated, and just don’t know what to do now. Even a code would be better than nothing. I not only pre-ordered the cd/lpu pack to begin with, but bought an additional 8 copes of the cd to keep myself in group one. Now it seems I’m not in any group at all!


I feel you! I spent the whole day getting 189 friends to subscribe this shit, and ended in 2nd on Saturday and was celebrating because I did everything by the rules. The next day they put me in 6th with only 18 referrals that according to them were fake accounts. This is so ridiculous I also bought and extra album just to keep my place on line and get to meet them. At least I got the code for the presale. My last hope os to get the MG lottery:(