Presale tickets for MGM Las Vegas Sep 2nd show


Hi, how do we get in line for the presale for this show which starts the 30th of May? I am new member in the Linkin Park fan club . I can not seem to be able to get in line for the sign up … Do we only wait for the day of the resale to go buy our tickets?
Thanks for your help


Unfortunately the codes for the Vegas pre-sale were distributed on May 9th. The original Vegas pre-sale was supposed to happen on the 9th, but was delayed until the 30th for some reason.


Hi, that means I can’t buy tix on presale with no code? I need to wait for June 2nd ?
Thank you!!


Yeah I believe that would be the case. You would need a code to participate in the presale.


I am also new and inquiring about the ticket sales for the Sept 2nd concert. Just to confirm, if we are new then the Presale option on May 30th is not possible and we must wait until general public sales on June 2nd?


That would be correct, you would need to purchase tickets with the general public if you don’t have a pre-sale code. Those with codes can purchase tickets during the May 30th presale.

Each individual code allows up to four tickets, although members involved in earlier presales were initially limited to two tickets because of some on-line system glitches.


Prostaff and Moujesky, I have a presale code for Las Vegas (group 2) that I may or may not be using since I’m trying to get tickets for the Tokyo, Japan concert in November. If I don’t use my code you guys can have it. Prostaff has 1st dibs and Moujesky 2nd.

Or maybe you guys could work something out to purchase 4 tickets, 2 for each person. Anyway, I’ll let you guys know by the 30th.


Hslin , that would be awesome :slight_smile:


Agreed! Thank you for the offer/suggestion!


By the way, I’m flying out of the country so it may take me longer to reply. But I am DEFINITELY wanting to purchase tickets for the Sep 2nd date as I’ve already made flight & hotel reservations ahead of time.


Hi Moujesky,

I’m flying in Vegas for the show that week end with a couple of friends. Unfortunately, I will need the 4 tickets if Hslin is giving me his code… Sorry for that. I’m pretty sure you can still get good seats on June 2nd.


Prostaff you can have my code. There really isn’t any way to PM you via this forum, so can you either post your personal email address or contact #? I’ll either email, text, or call you with the code. Whichever you prefer.

Sorry Moujesky, I wish a had a second code to give you.


Hi Hslin!
Awesome :slight_smile: I really appreciate .
I think the best way would be to email me directly.

Thank you so much!



Just sent you the code. Let me know if you got it.


Hello, I want to buy my ticket my I cannot find the code anywhere for LPU members :frowning: please help!!!


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