Private linkin park x-games performance


Since there are so few of us going, does anyone know if they’re going to do a meet and greet of some kind? Because that would be EPIC!!!


Yes it would. i need to know to bring my stuff to get autographed :slight_smile:


That would be awesome but I doubt it, Mike is doing stuff at Dodger Stadium the same night prior to the show.

The venue holds about 2300 btw, I’m assuming all the balcony seats are already accounted for so were ground floor general admission. I would get there early if you want to be in the font pit because they hand out wristbands for the pit on a first come first serve basis. I saw Thrice play there just this past Saturday, the acoustics are amazing, so excited for this show.


Would’ve been cool to have seen Chester sing the national anthem at Dodgers Stadium or any sports event. I like to think he would’ve nailed it.