Problem with my LPU order



I ordered some stuff on the LPU store in november . I received a part of my order today but
It miss a LPU 14 guitar pick / the photo of the band and the LPU 15 pennant…

But the major problem on my order is the fact that all the cd boxes are broken. Because of the lack of protection. And that is not very cool for the collectionners we are!!!
We 've made a big order with other fans in france and the cd are for them … and i am very ambarrassed to give them their cd like that !!!

Please can you help me
flora from france


You can try emailing them for the missing items. The CDs on the other hand, I don’t think they can do anything. It’s not really their fault they got damaged during transport. Maybe you can complain to your local post services.




hi can someone help me?i order lpu 17 since 22th november.and it didn’t come until this day.where i can asl to solve this problem?thanks…ria from indonesia


Hi, they haven’t started to ship the packages yet. Just wait.


Mine was shipped this evening!! Finally!