Problem with numbers


I believe it is a development problem. Recently I created this topic

But if we put numbers before the music example:

  1. Lost In The Echo Shortened (Intro/First Verse/First Chorus/Outro Only)
    19.Until It’s Gone
  2. Somewhere I Belong Long Intro
    21.Faint Ext. Outro

Ie we can not put space after the number. I know it does not hurt at nobody, I’m not trying to be annoying or anything. Just do not use the space after the number.
But it is only feedback.


It is a glitch or oversight it seems, but there’s a way around it. If you have something on the line before, it doesn’t do it. If you want a blank line before it, put something like on the line before. For example:

4. Examples
623. More examples
23532. dfsafdgsd

  1. Hi

    4. Examples 623. More examples 23532. dfsafdgsd 1. Hi


It was just a feedback, and how to work with programming and web development, thought it might be useful warning. Anyway thanks for the tip on how to solve.

Blame the google translator for English.

Thank you!


Gentle reminder for @raphael_lima @TripleXero gets offended when people talk about glitches in the interweb :stuck_out_tongue:


I was just showing you a work around so you could use it until it got fixed