Problem with Orders


My current order status for the LPU 12 package has been changed to ‘fulfilled’ though I haven’t yet have it. It hasn’t reached me yet…
what shall I do ? any Idea guys…


send lpu a massage.


i’m new here and probably i’m not the person with the biggest knowleadge here but status of my order became “fullfilled” 4 days after making an order so I think that they write fullfill when they SEND it to You. You need to wait. and honestly, how would they know if a package reached You or not? i don’t know…


have sent a msg to ground(ctrl) …lets see what they have to say…

@mCa hmm in that case I’m left with no other choice but to wait…thanks 4 the info…


My status says ready on the main orders page and processing in the lower left. My package arrived today and I ordered it 5 weeks ago.

This is only me saying that the orders page isn’t up to date, clearly in my situation and may not be in yours too. This is definitely an area that can be improved on. They could learn a thing or two from Amazon in the order form processing dept.

Alas, with luck your order was sent in the same cluster as mine. As I live 100 miles from where it was sent I probably had quick delivery, regardless of the other parts of the order process taking their time (likely due to restocking, reprinting, etc of orders so they don’t over order themselves).


If your order has changed to “fulfilled”, that means that indeed it has been shipped. If it’s an international order, unfortunately there is no way to track the package, you’ll just have to wait.


holy… It just reached me… cool and crazy …


Problem solved so I am closing this. Glad you got your package! :smiley: